The most historically relevant award in the automotive industry.
Automotive Executive of the Year: A New Award for the World's Transportation Visionaries
In response to the inspiring and fascinating convergence of electronics and transportation, the automotive industry's longest-standing, most influential leadership award is reinventing itself. Beginning with the 2014 AutomotiveRobert Djurovic, Executive Director Executive of the Year Visionary Award, we will annually recognize those uncommon individuals who are thinking across the lines of art, design, and engineering to create the future of transportation in this country and the world.

This new award honors fresh thinking, those individuals who are proving not that the impossible can be done, but that it must be done. The Automotive Executive of the Year Visionary Award recognizes an inaugural group of recipients who are creating transportation technologies that will revolutionize the design of our cities and roadways, saving lives and preserving the earth's natural gifts. And what better place to honor such technological wonders than in the Motor Valley of Michigan (the convergence of the Silicon Valley with the Motor City), a new hotbed of technological and automotive partnerships and achievement.

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